Safety Tips

You can use LPG safely if you apply simple safety rules.

  • Choose an LPG supplier who can provide you with well-maintained LPG cylinders, and after-sales support.
  • Always close the cylinder or tanks valves after use.
  • Use a child-safe regulator on the LPG cylinder for domestic use.
  • Ensure that your LPG supplier provides a supply of LPG that is odorized to allow you to smell any leaking LPG.
  • Always use LPG appliances, and other gas equipment that is approved for use, and meets all local safety standards.
  • Check for gas leaks on a regular basis.
  • Never check for gas leaks using a lit match. Always use a solution of soapy water and look for bubbles coming from around valves and pipe joints. These bubbles indicate a gas leak.
  • Replace the LPG cylinder hose on a regular basis, and replace any damaged or worn hose with a new hose.
  • Stand the cylinder upright and make sure that any hose connection between the cylinder and the appliance does not come into contact with or near the gas burner.

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