Gas Conservation Tips

Here are some kitchen tips on how you can use your LPG efficiently.

  1. Organize your cooking. Keep all the necessary things ready for cooking. This will help you cook fast and thus save gas. 
  2. If you have to stop cooking for a short while, please switch off the gas. After all, it's cheaper to light another match. Always remember to strike a match first and place it over the burner before turning on the gas burner.
  3. Use as little liquid as possible when cooking - surplus water requires more heating and therefore more gas is used than is necessary. Match the burner to the vessel. Use a small vessel on a small burner. A large burner consumes 15 percent more gas.
  4. Cover the vessel while cooking. A cover helps prevent the steam from escaping. This means quicker cooking. A cover also helps retain the aroma of the food.
  5. The family that eats together saves gas. If you have to heat food just once, it means less waste. Reheated food is also less nutritious.
  6. Always remember to switch off the regulator or the gas valve when cooking gas is not in use, especially at night before you go to sleep.


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